About Us

Xperience was founded on the belief that when you open someone’s eyes, you also open their minds. And that the best way to achieve that is by offering knowledge in formats that help them think in ways they never knew existed. Because heading into the real world with an impeccably strong skill set is now more important than ever.


Our strengths are steeped in technology and language, but we can also customize classes and lectures to best prepare for the real world. Regardless of your socio-economic background. 


We teach, discuss, share, prepare and run programs which effect and empower students lives academically, personally and socially. In return, they become global stewards, achievers, leaders and thinkers. And all they need is the willingness to learn. Listen. And a willingness to create change. And Xperience a new way of thinking like none-other.


Mission Statement

“To be a highly valued youth program for middle and high school students

integrating culture and technology along with real world problem solving.”




“To provide a place for opportunities, training and tools where young minds can discover their full potential while enriching their lives.”

Future Statement

“We believe that today’s Xperience2 students don't just need to enrich tomorrow and beyond. They want to. It’s part of their DNA. It’s how we foster intelligent, responsible global citizens that touch people’s lives here today. And beyond tomorrow.”​

Board of Directors

Lisa Mizuiri
Board Chair

Kealani Kitaura

Kelley Au